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Short Street to Success Incubator Subsidization Application




SSTS accepts applications year round, but businesses are accepted into the program quarterly. Application deadlines are February 28th, May 31st, August 31st, and November 30th.


The SSTS application form consists of six sections with a number of required attachments required and described below. All sections must be typed or filled out legibly. Materials submitted are non-returnable.


Application Sections:

  • Section 1 – Applicant Information

  • Section 2 – Business and Production Information

  • Section 3 – Culinary and Entrepreneurial Background

  • Section 4 – Letters of Recommendations

  • Section 5 – Signature Page

  • Section 6 – Supplemental Information


Attachments required: (please clearly label)

  • Business plan

  • Cash flow projections

  • Financial statements (if currently in business)

  • Resume(s) or employment history

  • Letters of recommendation (minimum 2 from employers, clients and/or people familiar with your products or business) on official letterhead

  • Other (examples: menus, promotional materials, sample labels, etc.)


Submit your application to:

Project Short Street

108 Short Street

Kernersville, NC 27284


More information about Project Short and the SSTS Program can be found on our website at We strongly encourage you to review the program description and application criteria before returning your application.


If you have questions the program, requesting an application or questions about completing this application, please call 910-233-7101 or email:


Thank you and best of luck to your culinary enterprise!

- The SSTS Team


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