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Safety, security and privacy in the facility are paramount and should not be compromised for any reason. Safety is the responsibility of all facility staff, the members, and their staff. We will expect all members to bear in mind the following when inside the facility:


  • Base Camp members are not allowed access to the Gastro Lab Kitchen, Prep, Loading Bay, or Food Storage areas.

  • Please arrange to have ALL networking activities with Gastro Lab members in the Base Camp meeting space or office areas.

  • No weapons or illegal substances are allowed on the premises at any time. This will result in immediate termination of membership and access to the facility.

  • Please respect the privacy of other members. Do not review or move documents that do not belong to you.

  • Secure all entryways behind you when entering or leaving the facility.

  • Do not prop open exterior doors.

  • If you spill it, clean and dry it up. Do not walk away from the spill.

  • If you are unsure how to operate equipment, do not attempt to use the equipment without asking for help.

  • If you notice a hazard to yourself or others, report it immediately.



  • A shared multifunction printer is provided for your use. If there is an issue with the printer, please post the Out of Order sign on the equipment and notify facility administrators.

  • Excessive or volume printing is not permitted. Please use a printing service provider for volume printing. Our staff can help arrange for volume printing services.

  • To ensure your privacy, it is your responsibility to retrieve documents from the printer.

  • Project Short Street is NOT responsible for printed materials left on the printer.

  • Check all documents retrieved from the printer to ensure that you only have your documents.

  • If there are printed documents that belong to other members, please respect their privacy and place them in the tray next to the printer.



  • All cardboard boxes must be broken down and placed in the cardboard-only dumpster.

  • All recyclable materials should be placed in recycle bins.

  • All shared use office areas and meeting spaces will be cleaned by our janitorial staff, but it is your responsibility to clean up any garbage and place it in the appropriate receptacles.

  • Desk users must remove their personal items and garbage from the work area when finished. No personal items are to be left overnight.

  • The cleaning of private offices is the responsibility of the tenant, unless arrangements are made with administrators to have the space cleaned. There is an additional charge for cleaning private offices.

  • No open food or drink is to be left in private offices overnight.



We use an online app for our scheduling and billing. Once your Membership Application and Agreement has been approved, we will create an account for you and send you instructions on how to complete your account. Once you’ve entered your bank draft information on the app, you can use the software to schedule work space. 



Short Street utilizes video surveillance for the safety and security of our members. Please be aware that these cameras record all activity surrounding access doors, the parking lot, and work areas.



  • Reservations for time slots are prioritized based on the Membership Tier. Members that have all-inclusive membership privileges receive priority when scheduling time and equipment.

  • There are times when space is not available, however – our administrators will do everything possible to ensure that your needs for work space are met.


  • The Short Street campus is not open to the public beyond the delivery/pick-up vestibule.

  • Access to the facility is available 24/7 and will be provided by an access key card to the Base Camp entrance.

  • Unauthorized use of the key card can result in immediate suspension of facility access and possible termination of your membership.



  • All member staff that are expected to work in the facility must be registered with our Program Manager.

  • All member staff are the responsibility of the Member.

  • All member staff must be educated on the rules of the facility.



  • Due to health and safety regulations, visitors are NOT allowed in the kitchen, prep,  storage or loading bay areas. No Exceptions.

  • Visitors are only allowed in the office and administrative area of the facility and only during regular business hours (9 am to 5 pm).

  • Members are NOT allowed to have non-staff visitors in the facility after hours. Exceptions to this rule can only be made for the safety of our members scheduling late night or early morning time slots and must be approved by the Administrators prior to scheduling.

  • All visitors should enter the facility through the Base Camp entrance.

  • All visitors are the responsibility of the Member and must be supervised by the Member while on the property.

  • Children under 18 are not to be left unattended at any time while on the property. This includes the parking lot and office areas.



The Project Short Street and its agents shall have the right to inspect work areas at all times.



Short Street aims to maintain the highest standards for our Members and the community.



The use of tobacco products is not permitted within the facility. Specific outdoor areas have been designated for those that smoke.



If a Member or their staff fails to comply with agreement requirements, rules or policies, action will be taken and dismissal from the facility may result.



Short Street is dedicated to providing a safe environment that fosters good practices, inclusivity, and creativity. Our facility is available to Members that share our goals. As such, we have ZERO tolerance to acts that put others at harm or risk.


The following confidentiality agreement is made between Project Short Street and the business user (named below), herein referred to as the Member.

Project Short Street staff will make every effort to keep confidential any information not otherwise generally available to the public that it may receive from the Member in connection with this Agreement regarding the business and affairs of said Member. In particular, Project Short Street staff will not knowingly disclose to any third party any ingredient, formulation, processing, or financial information on any product made by the Member without express written consent of said Member.

This agreement does not cover: (i) any disclosure required by applicable law or regulation or (ii) any use or disclosure of information that was (A) already known to or in the possession of Project Short Street at the time of receipt from Member, (B) in the public domain without disclosure by the Member, (C) obtained by the Member from an independent source or otherwise developed independently from the Member.

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