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FOOD SAFETY MANAGER CERTIFICATION (Required prior to membership.)

  • North Carolina requires mandatory certification of food service managers. 

  • Each Member/business must have at least one person on its staff participate in an accredited food manager certification program, such as ServSafe.

  • Our Program Manager can assist with access to the certification training. 


BUSINESS REGISTRATION (Required prior to membership.)

  • All Members must be registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State as a business entity.

  • Our Program Manager can assist with your business registration. 


INSURANCE (Required prior to membership.)

  • All Members must provide proof of general or product liability insurance with The Co-Laboratory Project, LLC and Project Short Street, LLC as additional insured.

  • We have a selection of insurance agents to pick from that can provide the necessary coverage suitable to your business operation. 


SECURITY and CLEANING DEPOSIT (Required prior to membership.)

  • An initial refundable Security Deposit must be paid upon approval of membership. This deposit will be refunded upon voluntary membership termination in good standing and without incident.

  • These deposits cover any excess cleaning or damages to equipment due to misuse.

  • Any unused cleaning deposit will be refunded within 30 days of membership termination if the Member leaves in good standing and without incident.



  • Safety and security in the facility are paramount and should not be compromised for any reason.

  • Safety is the responsibility of all facility staff, the members, and their staff.

  • The kitchen is full of heavy machinery, moving parts, chemicals, and sharp tools that can cause injury if used carelessly.

  • All members will attend orientation on the facility and the equipment. 



  • Each Member must bring their own cleaning towels, cooking items, ingredients, utensils, small wares and other special items necessary to their specific production needs.

  • During orientation, Members will be trained on the operation of any equipment that is used in their operations.



We use an online scheduling app for our scheduling and billing.



All pertinent documentation (i.e., permits, Certificates of Insurance, inspection reports, Member complaints, or disciplinary actions) will be kept on file.



  • The Short Street Kitchen is not open to the public beyond the delivery/pick-up vestibule.

  • Only Members and their necessary staff may be in the kitchen, prep, storage or loading bay areas and must be supervised by a food service manager.

  • Access to the facility is available 24/7 and will be provided by an access key card to the member’s entrance.

  • All activities are monitored by video surveillance. 


Project Short Street is dedicated to providing a safe environment that fosters good practices, inclusivity, and creativity. Our facility is available to Members that share our goals. As such, we have ZERO tolerance to acts that put others at harm or risk.

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