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The Short Street to Success Program's mission is to help start-up food businesses grow into sustainable, cash-generating companies. Our program offers culinary entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow for their first 2 to 3 years without the cost of building and equipping their own commercial kitchen.


We do this by offering commercial kitchen rental at sliding-scale rates and support in recipe development, product marketing and business scale-up. Working along side of culinary professionals with established businesses allows program participants to set more realistic goals and perfect their operations. Located at 108 Short Street in Downtown Kernersville, we are committed to creating jobs in the local community, revitalizing this historic space and meeting demand for local food products.

For members that are just entering the commercial food service industry, Short Street advisors are here to help. Fill out our Program Application to schedule an appointment with our Programs and Events Coordinator.

Image by Güner Deliağa Şahiner


  • 6000 sq ft shared use kitchen space

  • 2800 sq ft shared use office work space

  • 24/7 secure ADA facility access

  • Conference space and technology

  • Online member scheduling

  • Document management

  • Receiving & mailroom

  • Bulk buying programs

  • In-house Delivery Services

  • Centralized umbrella branding


  • Business planning, licensing, filings, insurance

  • Kitchen and business etiquette & presentation

  • Navigating technology and social media

  • Business Development

  • ServSafe Certification

  • Food Grade Certification

  • Navigating Health Dept, USDA, FDA, DofAg, VA, and SBA



Am I eligible?


SSTS is open to all early-stage food entrepreneurs from the Triad community. “Early-stage” means businesses that have some proven sales and are ready to move forward with growing their business. Our goal is to make business ownership more accessible to all North Carolina entrepreneurs. We strongly encourage women and minorities to apply.

Will the kitchen have what I need?

SSTS is equipped to handle most needs of start-up bakers, caterers, cooks and added-value food processors.

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