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With a centrally located custom state-of-the-art commissary kitchen, extensive culinary entrepreneurial membership base, two mobile kitchens/food trailers, and a catering van, Culinary Solutions is a trusted foodservice partner that provides optimum quality options to live events and venues, concession vending, campus catering, market food service.


1. A team of highly skilled chefs built from the hand-selected professional members of the Short Street Kitchen.
2. A catalog of tried and true “fan favorite” menus, as well as custom menu services.
3. A comprehensive list of mobile food operators for venue placement.
4. An experienced and professional support crew.
5. A catalog of the best ShopNCFarms agriculture providers with the freshest local ingredients.
6. Detail-oriented logistics and planning.


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Live Event and Venue Catering

Short Street is committed to consistently delivering the highest quality product, an unmatched level of presentation and service, and a can-do attitude. Utilizing our meticulous pre-event plan for logistics, production, staff and all hospitality requirements, Short Street stays ahead of demand. Our attention to detail should ensure that clients, sponsors, VIPs and their guests' expectations are matched or exceeded.


Concession Vending

There simply is no substitute for experience with hi-capacity concession vending. Pick a sporting event and Short Street will provide a curated culinary concession experience to complement it. Contracting with Short Street should eliminate the risk and “what if” factor, replacing it with quality, professionalism, and enhanced revenue streams, while serving authentic food by local chefs.

Meat Burger and Chips

Sports Venue Support

Our culinary team aims to exceed the expectations of consumers at sports venues by providing an elevated culinary experience at their favorite sports venues. Stadiums, fields, coliseums, and amphitheaters. 


Market Food Service

In response to supply chain and staff shortages, our Culinary Solutions team will provide locally sourced, locally produced quality grab and go, heat and eat, frozen multi portion, and bulk concept distribution to urban markets, delis and restaurants.

Disposable Food Package
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